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Apply & Come Help!

Who is eligible?

  • High School & College girls. The student service hours program (Big Stars!) consist of wise high school and college young ladies who earn service hours and gain hands on work experience in a professional setting using innate skills to serve, create, encourage, lead, and empower little girls in our scripture based programs.Freshman in high school through college age young ladies, with reliable transportation, and a heart for Jesus.
  • Adults wishing to serve may either apply to be on our board of directors, or assist with admin support, civic leadership needs, hosting fundraisers, and or lead student volunteer trainings. Click here.

What do I need to apply?

Your summer schedule, so you can select your 2-4 weeks for service availability
Two references, professional or personal. Your references contact information
 Your resume (include: school clubs, leadership roles, church involvement, children supervision, professional experience)
Reliable transportation, clean record
Experience leading groups of children
A commitment to our team that you will adhere to our safety policies, team roles and responsibilities, and customer care policies

What dates are required for summer camp service?

2-4 full weeks of summer camp, 8:00 am-4:15pm Monday-Friday.

(TBD) Community Set Up Day
(May 20th & June 2nd) Safety Training Day
(August 11th) End of Summer Leadership Team Award Ceremony

Applications will be reviewed during spring break. Interviews will be scheduled before Derby. Set up days will happen after finals. Safety training will be set for week before first camp session.

When would I be earning my service hours?

 School year times fluctuate, and summer camp service dates  run from May – August camp dates will be available on IG in the Team Highlight
Each volunteer regardless of earning service hours or course credits will be required to lead during 2- 4 full weeks of summer camp sessions*call with questions
Summer camp days are from 9am-3pm; our team arrives at 8:00am and stays until 4:15pm with the exception of Wednesdays and Fridays
Wednesday’s we have team treat days + deep cleaning; we stay together until  around 4:15/4:30pm. You can bring sharable goodies for the leadership circle!
Friday’s we host camper’s family members for a camp showcase at 1pm and our team concludes with a leadership circle and preps for the next week of camp, typically departing about 4/5pm. And, we have Door Dash deliver some yummies!

Can I earn school credit?

Yes, we encourage college or IB students to communicate this opportunity to your school counselor and leverage your scholastic opportunities
Yes, we will provide proof of work to school instructors as needed

What happens after I apply?

We will conduct a phone interview with you after reviewing your application if we find your skills to be a good fit for our families.
If you are not selected for the season, we encourage you to re-apply the following season or check back with us during the school year.

What do I need for the interview?

If you are selected for an interview, we suggest you have a calendar for avaialability in front of you, as well as questions for us.
All volunteers will need a signed copy of our safety waiver, and you’ll want to have venmo to order your volunteer shirt.

What happens after the interview?

All students selected to serve and lead with us this season will be notified by our leadership team and begin at the team safety training.
During the training session, volunteers bring drivers lic. or personal identification, $10 to purchase The Abigail Academy uniform shirt ($10), and your calendar to verify the complete camp sessions that you are able to lead in order to gain school service hours and internship authorization.


CHRISTMAS IN ANCHORAGE: Expect holiday cheer while helping little girls decorate cookies & make friendship bracelets! 9am-2pm

 DERBY DAY: Expect to have fun loving on the girls while they play Kentucky themed activities while families attend the races 9am-5pm

 Must have service application in with safety waiver signed by your guardians if underage*