About the Board of Directors

The Abigail Academy Foundation families rely on an active, hands-on board of directors to maintain all programming and operations.

In order to operate programming, the Abigail Academy Foundation Board of Directors (AAFBOD) seeks 12 directors. (application )

May I apply to join the Board?

Yes, we are encouraging applications now. Please continue reading to learn more about this being a rewarding decision for you. We hope to have a full board on or before September 1st, 2022 to strategically plan for summer camp 2023 as a group.

The 10 voting members and executive leadership director positions below are trusted servants that walk with Jesus, are passionate about providing little girls a positive and fun environment in which to flourish through a relationship with Jesus fostering confidence during the adolescent maturation process, have a desire to equip girls with all important life skills that have been removed from the school systems, will assume fiduciary responsibility for fulfilling the 501c3 bylaws and safe Abigail Academy Foundation programming for a 3+yr term with monthly virtual and/ or in-person meetings.

Please apply if you live in alignment with our principles of unity and are committed to fulfilling our 501c3 leadership requirements of being a 3+year voting member on our executive leadership team during monthly virtual or in-person meetings, assuming fiduciary responsibility for our operations and gift allocations, and support our operational financial needs by personal financial and contributions or by heart filled fund and friend-raising efforts.

We are always available for conversations about leadership partnerships. Please call our founder, Abbey Mueller anytime to learn more.

Director Positions

Chairman of the board: Holds the vision, supports the board with fulfilling their roles, plays as direct liaison to the executive director.

Chairman elect: Supports the chairman by attending committee meetings and supporting board members to fulfill their roles, learns the operational needs to be equipped to assume chairman position after term.

Secretary: Attends all monthly meetings, manages all board documentation in accessible organized digital files, distributes and provides foundation documents as necessary.

Finance: Stewards all financial elements of operation and projecting with budgeting, adhering to 501c3 fiduciary responsibilities, and delivering economic development information to board, donors, and customers on an as needed basis.

Development: Sets financial vision and goals to support the mission and purpose. Leads board of directors with fundraising and operational vision and goals, holds board accountable for sub committee action that fulfills the visions and goals.

Governance: Holds/oversees the 501c3 bylaws in place by way of business operations and the board of direction actions.

Worship: Integrates worship, prayer, and scripture support into our board of director meetings, and provides mentorship to our staff worship leaders, and supports us to fulfill staff with a heart for worship.

Human Resources: Keeps our mission, vision, and purpose clear in all relational agreements. (volunteer, staff, board of directors, etc via employee agreements, volunteer agreements, operational manuals and handbooks, etc)

Marketing & Community Outreach: Provides quarterly distribution pieces and promotional outlets for us to reach the community, and to tell families about our programming.

Fundraising: Hosts committees that support the foundation of reaching annual giving and community contribution goals honoring our stewardship goal of remaining debt free.

Grants: Keeps our board of directors current on available grants, applies for grant funding on our behalf, and supports fundraising and development to reach provision goals.

<a href="https://abigailacademyfoundation.org/members/abbey-mueller/">Abbey Mueller</a>
Abbey MuellerChairman/Founder
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Name HereChairman elect
<a href="https://abigailacademyfoundation.org/members/jenny-wren/">Jenny Wren</a>
Jenny WrenSecretary
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Name HereFinance
<a href="https://abigailacademyfoundation.org/members/tiffany-barnes/">Tiffany Barnes</a>
Tiffany BarnesDevelopment
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Name HereGovernance
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Name HereWorship
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Name HereHuman Resources
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Name HereMarketing & Community Outreach
Name Here
Name HereFundraising
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Director Positions